Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Save US poor fools.

Well, through tears, I see that our, "Shining City On a Hill" is no more.  [Reagan must be twirling.]   

(Did someone say the shitting city on a hill?  Ridiculously apropos.)

I see also that in RUSSIA people are celebrating and all happy about our so-called president elect. Putin himself, seems unusually eager to get to work with his bff in making America his bitch..his other bitch.

Good Lord save US poor fools.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Why has the once Grand Old Party been taken over by Ted Cruz, the “tea party” darling and apparent evil spawn of LBJ?  (Seriously, compare the pictures!)  Karl Rove and his, "agitate the wing-nuts," Republican strategy for seizing control of congress, has really paid off for the GOP right? Right!  And all to defeat that, uh... "Negro."  That also was SO effective... wasn't it?  Well, the shameful bigotry and shocking ignorance of the afore-mentioned "wing-nuts" aka, “the tea party” have taken Congress hostage and seem gleefully intent on driving the whole country back to the Victorian era.   Back when, “coloreds” and women knew their place.  Because they believe the unconscionable LIES, STILL being fed to them by the GOP, are actually TRUE!  Look, even the Koch Brothers are distancing themselves from the Republican, “leadership”!  

Monday, May 27, 2013

The New York Times

May 26, 2013

The Obamacare Shock

The Affordable Care Act, a k a Obamacare, goes fully into effect at the beginning of next year, and predictions of disaster are being heard far and wide. There will be an administrative “train wreck,” we’re told; consumers will face a terrible shock. Republicans, one hears, are already counting on the law’s troubles to give them a big electoral advantage.       
No doubt there will be problems, as there are with any large new government initiative, and in this case, we have the added complication that many Republican governors and legislators are doing all they can to sabotage reform. Yet important new evidence — especially from California, the law’s most important test case — suggests that the real Obamacare shock will be one of unexpected success.
Before I can explain what the news means, I need to make a crucial point: Obamacare is a deeply conservative reform, not in a political sense (although it was originally a Republican proposal) but in terms of leaving most people’s health care unaffected. Americans who receive health insurance from their employers, Medicare or Medicaid — which is to say, the vast majority of those who have any kind of health insurance at all — will see almost no changes when the law goes into effect.
There are, however, millions of Americans who don’t receive insurance either from their employers or from government programs. They can get insurance only by buying it on their own, and many of them are effectively shut out of that market. In some states, like California, insurers reject applicants with past medical problems. In others, like New York, insurers can’t reject applicants, and must offer similar coverage regardless of personal medical history (“community rating”); unfortunately, this leads to a situation in which premiums are very high because only those with current health problems sign up, while healthy people take the risk of going uninsured.
Obamacare closes this gap with a three-part approach. First, community rating everywhere — no more exclusion based on pre-existing conditions. Second, the “mandate” — you must buy insurance even if you’re currently healthy. Third, subsidies to make insurance affordable for those with lower incomes.
Massachusetts has had essentially this system since 2006; as a result, nearly all residents have health insurance, and the program remains very popular. So we know that Obamacare — or, as some of us call it, ObamaRomneyCare — can work.
Skeptics argued, however, that Massachusetts was special: it had relatively few uninsured residents even before the reform, and it already had community rating. What would happen elsewhere? In particular, what would happen in California, where more than a fifth of the nonelderly population is uninsured, and the individual insurance market is largely unregulated? Would there be “sticker shock” as the price of individual policies soared?
Well, the California bids are in — that is, insurers have submitted the prices at which they are willing to offer coverage on the state’s newly created Obamacare exchange. And the prices, it turns out, are surprisingly low. A handful of healthy people may find themselves paying more for coverage, but it looks as if Obamacare’s first year in California is going to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.
What can still go wrong? Well, Obamacare is a complicated program, basically because simpler options, like Medicare for all, weren’t considered politically feasible. So there will probably be a lot of administrative confusion as the law goes into effect, again especially in states where Republicans have been doing their best to sabotage the process.
Also, some people are too poor to afford coverage even with the subsidies. These Americans were supposed to be covered by a federally financed expansion of Medicaid, but in states where Republicans have blocked Medicaid expansion, such unfortunates will be left out in the cold.
Still, here’s what it seems is about to happen: millions of Americans will suddenly gain health coverage, and millions more will feel much more secure knowing that such coverage is available if they lose their jobs or suffer other misfortunes. Only a relative handful of people will be hurt at all. And as contrasts emerge between the experience of states like California that are making the most of the new policy and that of states like Texas whose politicians are doing their best to undermine it, the sheer meanspiritedness of the Obamacare opponents will become ever more obvious.
So yes, it does look as if there’s an Obamacare shock coming: the shock of learning that a public program designed to help a lot of people can, strange to say, end up helping a lot of people — especially when government officials actually try to make it work.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The GOP, charter schools and kool-aid.

The GOPers and their mega wealthy *funders (*see,“masters”) are incessantly pushing for charter schools over public education.  Charter schools are ground zero in their plans to insert their extreme beliefs into school curriculums; to propagandize and inculcate children into their anti-democracy, profits-over-people, pseudo-religious and anti-evolution mindset  (Yes, children, Jesus could've ridden a dinosaur, but he was probably pretty busy walkin' on water and such.) to, in effect, brainwash American children into totalitarianism.
Perhaps, in the not too distant future, our own presidents may even be called, “dear leader.”

** I wrote the above last night, before reading the **below, “Politex” story in my newspaper this AM.

(Sometimes it’s really maddening to be so damn correct.)

** “There's a new children's book on the shelves just in time for the election: Tea Party II, Why America Loves You! The Social-Activist Coloring Book for Kids.”
The 48-page coloring book gives children a chance to color in drawings of conservative figures such as Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rand Paul. (Their, “Dear Leader" aspirants, I suppose.)

One of the captions in the book says,"Don't be intimidated by political correctness! Democracy is rooted in The Tea Party (??). Tea Partiers are the true OCCUPANTS of America (what the hell?). Tear out a page, take it to school. Demand your free speech in the classroom. Demand your rights and privileges in the classroom."

Hey kids, while you're doing all that "demanding," in class; disrespecting your teachers and disrupting your classrooms, how 'bout demanding highly qualified and well-paid teachers, small class sizes and a broad-based, world-view cirriculum? 
You can have it all... and for just the cost of a public education.  Hella deal. - rainj


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ah, The Gifts of Financial Market Deregulation Just Keep Giving.

Click below for article:

Mat, your incivility is exceeded only by your arrogance.

(You ride that high horse there, fella, yee-haw!)

I do have a bit of a bone to pick with your, "Carter" and, "Housing Act" references.

I'm sure I'm not the only american tired of greedy little bankers and mortgage brokers further stinking up Wall Street and the major houses of finance by STILL blaming consumers for their toxic "mortgage based securities" schemes.

These gangster-bankers failed grossly to even pretend to perform their due diligence on loan requests; approving of loans with only STATED INCOME; failing to verify even the basic financial and background information on applicants. 

Hell, in the Great Wall Street Free For All of 2007, even a few dogs got mortgage approvals.  Woof.

Sorry, but all that giving on behalf of our ever-civic-minded masters of finance, was neither to provide the American Dream of home ownership for deserving citizens, nor to escape the fearsome lash of federal regulators, rather they were gainfully and gleefully signing off on unsupportable loans; packaging them into massively insured financial instruments and just whiling away the hours until these packages reached critical mass, failed (as designed) and they got paid AGAIN for all that lovely failure.
Whoo-hoo!  Whattalife!

*Gosh, that really sounds sort of...criminal, doesn't it?
It was an indefensible and unpardonable breach of the public trust.
Where's the outraged calls for justice?
(besides mine?) rainjustice!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Health Care Law (ACA) Could Cut Texas Uninsured Rate in Half.

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Estimates of the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Counties in Texas.

*click story below

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ayn Rand: From Russia, sans love.

The 2008 recession and near total collapse of our economy
was the step-grandchild of Ayn Rand.

Oh, if the egoist, capitalism-crack-pipe-smoking, sycophants of Rand weren't completely blind from the nose outward, they might realize that Atlas has had it with her b.s. and now, like her, would really like a social safety net.  

Ayn Rand (fake name, of course), aka, Alisa Rosenbaum, was the elitist, social-justice-hating hagatha, whose spells still enthrall the masters of commerce and their avaricious little aspirants.

Rand cunningly manipulated the already outsized egos and greed of corporate 'barons' and status-seekers, elevating capitalism, and grossly singular self-interest, into a religion.

Rand exalted selfishness, power and, above all profit. Profit completely unfettered by societal concerns; ennobling the abusing and using of workers; deconstructing worker protections; while callously pushing labor back and towards modern day serfdom.

Americans, generally, are unaware of Rand's impact: she: the grasping, laissez-faire capitalism 'guru,' whose narcissistic pipe dreams, conceived many of the short-sighted, “grand mal” theories continually seizing our economy.

Unfortunately, within the inbred circles of the uber-powerful men who set the global stage for all things financial, (oh hell, for all things!) Rand’s vampiric, super-self-isms, are treated as vox populi.

Alan Greenspan was a close friend and remains a fervent devotee of Rand. The current instability and outright looting of world financial markets are just the by-product of her acolytes, using her adolescent and egocentric rantings, in guiding our economy down a rat hole.

Rand especially disdained and despised the social safety net, i.e., Social Security and Medicare, savoring a special contempt for those in need of such help.  Although, betraying her own dogma and her supplicating thralls, she grabbed at both programs as soon as she was able.  What a phony!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS sets Obama's table d' hote; justice may be served.

Everybody really needs to just take a breath... there now. Under the ACA, insurance carriers will now have to create real, comprehensive and, oh horrors! affordable health plans for the middle-classes and the (working-their-butts off, but STILL) poor.

Gosh, people might actually be able to stop wasting their money on, "incomprehensive" health care i.e., the so-called individual and family *"plans," that folks have to choose from now.  (their "plans" are for you to pay hellacious deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays, for minuscule coverage)

For the, "not paying for it" crowd; Now seems to be a good time to point out that we have all, already been, "paying for it" in increased deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays and catastrophically soaring medical expenses. As well as higher and higher taxes.

The ACA will actually lessen some of these (apparently, mind-numbing), costs.

Speaking of “no new taxes," now, let's not forget the giant, budget-busting tax cuts for the rich, the GOP is ceaselessly fomenting and seemingly, will-not-rest (it's hard work) until no millionaire tax cut is left behind.

And, hold on ... just imagine the cost-savings of no longer having to prosecute the Bush/Cheney wars; bringing the military; the DOD budgets into reality: Wowsa!

Besides, I'm pretty sure that, if you really don't want a cost-effective and comprehensive, individual or family plan, you're free to pay just as much as you'd like; I mean this is America.

Read more here:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello boils and girks!  

The word for today is, “vagina.” 

Once again misogyny rears its ugly little head in America’s statehouses.  The focus, this time, is the vagina, that seemingly, endlessly mysterious feminine realm so many both love and fear:

Although congress has been busying itself, not with the real calamities facing most  Americans, but rather with debating and legislating what American women can, or should
do with their vaginas; and, according to Michigan lawmakers, "vagina" is a shameful or dirty word, not to be spoken in polite society.

Could these male lawmakers possibly be snickering behind the backs of their female colleagues, while using their own "personally, preferred" slang for vaginas? 
Don't think so?

As usual, the misogynists in charge of fixing the game, have tipped their hands:

Declaring the anatomically correct word, "vagina," to be so offensive, as to be banned
and unspoken, strongly suggests that, these male lawmakers, being so uncomfortable
and unfamiliar with the correct words for women’s reproductive organs, (in a debate about them!) it is more than likely that these same lawmakers probably use other, possibly vulgar, or demeaning and certainly less “decorous” words, when referring to women’s vaginas.

By rainjustice: thought here, brought here!

Dimon in the Rough: How Wall Street Aims to Keep U.S. Regulators Out of Its Global Betting Parlor

By Robert Reich

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the main regular of derivatives (bets on bets), wants to extend Dodd-Frank regulations to the foreign branches and subsidiaries of Wall Street banks.
Horror of horrors, say the banks.

“If JPMorgan overseas operates under different rules than our foreign competitors,” warned Jamie Dimon, chair and CEO of JP Morgan, Wall Street would lose financial business to the banks of nations with fewer regulations, allowing “Deutsche Bank to make the better deal.”

This is the same Jamie Dimon who chose London as the place to make highly-risky derivatives trades that have lost the firm upwards of $2 billion so far – and could leave American taxpayers holding the bag if JPMorgan’s exposure to tottering European banks gets much worse.

Dimon’s foreign affair is itself proof that unless the overseas operations of Wall Street banks are covered by U.S. regulations, giant banks like JPMorgan will just move more of their betting abroad – hiding their wildly-risky bets overseas so U.S. regulators can’t control them. Even now no one knows how badly JPMorgan or any other Wall Street bank will be shaken if major banks in Spain or elsewhere in Europe go down.

Call it the Dimon loophole.

This is the same Jamie Dimon, by the way, who at a financial conference a year ago told Fed chief Ben Bernanke there was no longer any reason to crack down on Wall Street. “Most of the bad actors are gone,” he said. “[O]ff-balance-sheet businesses are virtually obliterated, … money market funds are far more transparent” and “most very exotic derivatives are gone.”

One advantage of being a huge Wall Street bank is you get bailed out by the federal government when you make dumb bets. Another is you can choose where around the world to make the dumb bets, thereby dodging U.S. regulations. It’s a win-win.

Wall Street would like to keep it that way.

For two years now, squadrons of Wall Street lawyers and lobbyists have been pressing the Treasury, Comptroller of the Currency, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, SEC, and the Fed to go easier on the Street for fear that if regulations are too tight, the big banks will be less competitive internationally.

Translated: They’ll move more of their business to London and Frankfurt, where regulations are looser.

Meanwhile, the Street has been warning Europeans that if their financial regulations are too tight, the big banks will move more of their business to the US, where regulations will (they hope) be looser.
After the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (a global financial regulatory oversight body) came up with a new set of rules to toughen bank capital and liquidity requirements, European officials threatened to get even tougher. They approved a new system of European regulatory bodies with added powers to ban certain financial products or activities in times of market stress.
This prompted Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, to issue — in the words of the Financial Times — “a clear warning that the bank could shift its operations around the world if the regulatory crackdown becomes too tough.”

Blankfein told a European financial conference that while Europe remains of vital importance to Goldman, with less than half of the bank’s business now generated in the U.S., the introduction of “mismatched regulation” across different regions (that is, tougher regulations in Europe than in the U.S.) would tempt banks to search out the cheapest and least intrusive jurisdiction in which to operate.

“Operations can be moved globally and capital can be accessed globally,” he warned.
Someone should remind Dimon and Blankfein that a few years ago they and their colleagues on the Street almost eviscerated the American economy, and that of much of the rest of the world. The Street’s antics required a giant taxpayer-funded bailout. Most Americans are still living with the results, as are millions of Europeans.

Wall Street can’t have it both ways – too big to fail, and also able to make wild bets anywhere around the world.

If Wall Street banks demand a free rein overseas, the least we should demand is they be broken up here

Monday, June 4, 2012

The rich should pay their fair share of taxes | Letters to the Editor:

Can't agree with all of the above writer's comments, but he is absolutely right regarding Social Security and the debt: SS is not the fox in the henhouse, regarding our deficit: Our current deficit has been overwhelmingly driven by Bush's wars and GOP war-mongering; compounded by "devil's in the details," laissez faire capitalism, with its resultant manic, downright sociopathic, market manipulations.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It has been suggested that Zimmerman was not racist; he was 'just' racial stereotyping his victim. Say wha? When is that NOT racist?

George Zimmerman cast himself in the role of community watchman, authority and pseudo-legal enforcer.  Thereby branding his actions in this tragedy as abuse of *authority and yes, racial profiling, of young Trayvon.  As opposed to the “non-official” sounding stereotyping that, unfortunately, *most of us do, consciously, or subconsciously, almost every day.   
*Zimmerman willfully acted, “under color of law” to deprive Trayvon Martin of his constitutional rights, which is a federal crime.

Doesn't apply to you
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

American Justice Is Still Black And White.

Did Trayvon Martin really create a life or death imperative?

Now, I'm not great at math, but this is elementary: I saw the "after" pics of Zimmerman at the police station and his shirt had no blood on it.  No, not HIS blood, the blood of his victim!

As a native Texan, from a family of hunters and service members and a crack target shot myself, I know Zimmerman's version of the shooting is impossible, per the laws of physics.

IF Zimmerman was locked in mortal combat, i.e., with Martin on top of him, as he stated, and he shot Martin with a 9mm, at such close range; ZIMMERMAN'S CLOTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED IN *BLOOD BLOW-BACK FROM THE SHOT. 

No doubt about it.  Zimmerman would've been *sprayed with Martin's blood.
*sorry for the graphic description. - rainj

And, if Zimmerman was far enough away from the unarmed victim, that the blood blow-back from the shot did not inundate the shooter, where then was the life or death imperative?

Second degree murder seems an appropriate charge for this scenario.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yoko said it most righteously: "Woman is the nigger of the world."

Chuck Winder, Idaho Lawmaker, Suggests Women Use Rape As Excuse For Abortions

Why the hell would an Idaho Senator, on the Senate floor use, "date-rape-speak," and other classic date- raper rationalizations, such as, "When is rape, rape?" 
This and similar, "pro-rape" insults are commonly used against women by date-rapers and the legal system that fails to hold these perpetrators accountable.
This is not only grossly offensive to victims; insulting to women; but should also be an embarrassment to all Idahoans.

Read the full article below:


Monday, March 19, 2012

Yankee Doodle Taliban

*A few days ago eight of Georgia's nine women senators summed up how most Americans feel about the GOP's "War on Women" by throwing up their hands in disgust and walking off the floor of the Senate chambers to protest GOP attempts to block insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortions.

No longer content with using legislation to shut down safe and accessible contraception, the GOP is now in the business of dictating private insurance policies — the next chess move in their efforts to turn our country into a theocracy.

 Their strategy? Pander to a tiny group of religious extremists intent on imposing their will on the vast majority of Americans.

Will we sit back and submit to the tyranny of this minority; our Yankee Doodle Taliban?

*adapted from The Nation

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women’s Healthcare And Birth Control Services Are Under GOP Attack! (Again.)

Yoko said it most righteously: "Woman is the nigger of the world." 

With the ENORMOUS problems facing our country, the GOP is busily wasting OUR time and money, by obsessing on controlling women’s reproductive tracts!

Controlling women's bodies has always been the Great Construct of men.  These proposed, "new" laws are just a modern continuation of, "droit de seigneur;" the, "right" of Lords to deflower the brides of his vassals.

“Conservatives” and GOP Congressmen surely enjoy their right to Viagra, Cialis and the many drugs, procedures and, “implements” created and marketed to promote a man's erection. Basically, his right to impregnate at will.  As have the many men who've spent BILLIONS on researching and creating these products to protect a man's, "erection" rights." And most of these, "products" are covered by insurance, even by Medicare! Yet, women have had to accept that these same insurers refuse to cover birth control; Thereby, in essence, forcing women to breed against their will.

Meanwhile, these obsessed members of Congress are determined to eliminate the one resource available for free, and cost-effective women’s reproductive healthcare: Planned Parenthood. Focusing on fetuses and abortion, instead of women and their right to reproductive healthcare is just misogyny run amok.

The same good people attacking women's rights to their own bodies are the very ones determined to deny healthcare to their children, once delivered!

These same good folks also want to deny the right to a quality education, afterschool programs and healthy foods to the children of hard-pressed parents living on the razor’s edge of poverty.

These same good citizens need to understand that the ONLY, "cure" for ALL abortions is AFFORDABLE and AVAILABLE BIRTH CONTROL, including the, "morning-after pill."

"Does a fetus have any legal protection?"  It has the legal protection provided by the womb and the legal rights of its mother.  Personally, I loathe, "late-term" abortions, but I know that sometimes, they are the right and heartbreaking decision for the health of the mother. These decisions should be between the women’s doctors and themselves, period!

The Pope is not our king.  When are we women going to DEMAND full coverage for women’s reproductive health care, including birth control; on par, at least, with some of the obscene amounts spent towards providing for a man’s erection rights and his, “right” to impregnate at will, too often without consequence or responsibility?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Power of the People is stronger than the people in power.
paraphrased from OWS

Dim-witted Rick Perry manages the impossible; making 'W' look smart!

Rick Perry, having embarrassed himself, the GOP (even the tea tee-ers) and the Lone Star State, with his numb skull statements and mental constipation, has begun his campaign for reelection to *the governor’s mansion.  *I’d say “our” governor’s mansion, but the ten-thousand dollars a month we Texans' cough up for Perry’s huge estate, is not an appropriate and certainly not a, “fiscal conservative’s” choice for a governor’s temporary residence.

In Perry’s very first statement after his humiliating fifth place finish in the Iowa caucus, he began trolling for Texans forgiveness for being an incompetent ignoramus, offering the platitudinous, “There has been no greater joy in my life than to be able to share with the people of Iowa and of this country that there is a model to take this country forward and it is in the great state of Texas.”  (Oh, yuck.) Translation: "Yes, I'm ass-kissing my way back into the hearts and minds of Texans."

From this point on, pretty much everything Perry publicly spouts will be groveling towards a *rapprochement ( *he'll need to look that up, but won't bother ) between himself and the governor's mansion.
Hope you like it down on your knees there, Mr Groveler.
Brush that hair back.  Smile.                                               

Project Implicit:

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Most heartbreaking comment on review of Amy Winehouse's new release:

"...this will likely be the last official release the world ever hears from Winehouse."
Tears Amy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

BLIND from the nose outward and DEAD from the eyebrows up.

Why must SO MANY vulnerable Americans suffer the fires of hell (sometimes known as Texas!) before average Americans can, actually, begin to extract their heads from their own anal material and finally notice the GOP tsunami wreaking havoc on, "the least of these," all around them?

Oh, yes, yes, cut Medicaid and Medicare, by all means and throw those fakers and low-lifes o-u-t!

Out of the, "Obamacare" system, where the poor-planning-poor and the elderly and disabled retire to fancy nursing homes and care centers, where they receive such extravagant perks as beds to, "lounge" in; high-carb-low-nutrition foods and *hydration. *In this most extreme Texas drought ever.

Yes, throw them out, out, OUT!  All of the malingering freeloaders. Roo-Ha! That's the American Capitalist Way!

Hey...what's going on?  WHAT are you doing? Wha? Who? No...wait. Wait a minute! NO! Not MY Nana! Not MY Pawpaw! NOooo!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Taking one for the team?

In light of the, "new" revelations of sex crimes committed by coaches, assistants and volunteers in school athletic departments, we ALL need to get real; the sexual exploitation and abuse of underage players and students in school athletics is so prevalent, it's practically an open secret. How many of us know of, or should have known of, inappropriate relationships between coaches and players and/or students in, not just High Schools, but Junior High Schools, as well.

The only, "new" aspect is the new level of media involvement, i.e. Sandusky; these, “inappropriate relationships” are the dirty-little-secrets in school and NCAA programs, with administrators historically, and shamelessly, supplying cover. With the enormous monies; bazillions of dollars raked in by NCAA programs; the protecting of the cash cow is the bottom-line priority for administrators, NOT the, “molding of young minds and character.”

Look, when Barry Switzer says, “Everyone had to know.” He means it. He speaks from long experience in NCAA and professional athletics. Literally, everyone did know.

In the Penn State scandal, protecting the jobs and reputations of school officials and the coffers of their monied interests held sway. The abuse was known from stem to stern, with no one willing to quarantine the grossly infected ship.

Penn State football, and perhaps all their athletics, should suffer the nuclear-option. An obscenely rotten culture focused on status, on money and on fame, created this free pass for sex abusers and will not be undone by the loss of a season. An intensely deep and painful house cleaning is called for, requiring letting the chips fall on all, ALL of the guilty parties, whether abusers or enablers.

Who will make that call?


Friday, November 11, 2011

October 9, 2011

Panic of the Plutocrats


It remains to be seen whether the Occupy Wall Street protests will change America’s direction. Yet the protests have already elicited a remarkably hysterical reaction from Wall Street, the super-rich in general, and politicians and pundits who reliably serve the interests of the wealthiest hundredth of a percent.

And this reaction tells you something important — namely, that the extremists threatening American values are what F.D.R. called “economic royalists,” not the people camping in Zuccotti Park.

Consider first how Republican politicians have portrayed the modest-sized if growing demonstrations, which have involved some confrontations with the police — confrontations that seem to have involved a lot of police overreaction — but nothing one could call a riot. And there has in fact been nothing so far to match the behavior of Tea Party crowds in the summer of 2009.

Nonetheless, Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, has denounced “mobs” and “the pitting of Americans against Americans.” The G.O.P. presidential candidates have weighed in, with Mitt Romney accusing the protesters of waging “class warfare,” while Herman Cain calls them “anti-American.” My favorite, however, is Senator Rand Paul, who for some reason worries that the protesters will start seizing iPads, because they believe rich people don’t deserve to have them.
Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor and a financial-industry titan in his own right, was a bit more moderate, but still accused the protesters of trying to “take the jobs away from people working in this city,” a statement that bears no resemblance to the movement’s actual goals.

And if you were listening to talking heads on CNBC, you learned that the protesters “let their freak flags fly,” and are “aligned with Lenin.”

The way to understand all of this is to realize that it’s part of a broader syndrome, in which wealthy Americans who benefit hugely from a system rigged in their favor react with hysteria to anyone who points out just how rigged the system is.

Last year, you may recall, a number of financial-industry barons went wild over very mild criticism from President Obama. They denounced Mr. Obama as being almost a socialist for endorsing the so-called Volcker rule, which would simply prohibit banks backed by federal guarantees from engaging in risky speculation. And as for their reaction to proposals to close a loophole that lets some of them pay remarkably low taxes — well, Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the Blackstone Group, compared it to Hitler’s invasion of Poland. 
And then there’s the campaign of character assassination against Elizabeth Warren, the financial reformer now running for the Senate in Massachusetts. Not long ago a video of Ms. Warren making an eloquent, down-to-earth case for taxes on the rich went viral. Nothing about what she said was radical — it was no more than a modern riff on Oliver Wendell Holmes’s famous dictum that “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.”

But listening to the reliable defenders of the wealthy, you’d think that Ms. Warren was the second coming of Leon Trotsky. George Will declared that she has a “collectivist agenda,” that she believes that “individualism is a chimera.” And Rush Limbaugh called her “a parasite who hates her host. Willing to destroy the host while she sucks the life out of it.”

What’s going on here? The answer, surely, is that Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe realize, deep down, how morally indefensible their position is. They’re not John Galt; they’re not even Steve Jobs. They’re people who got rich by peddling complex financial schemes that, far from delivering clear benefits to the American people, helped push us into a crisis whose aftereffects continue to blight the lives of tens of millions of their fellow citizens.

Yet they have paid no price. Their institutions were bailed out by taxpayers, with few strings attached. They continue to benefit from explicit and implicit federal guarantees — basically, they’re still in a game of heads they win, tails taxpayers lose. And they benefit from tax loopholes that in many cases have people with multimillion-dollar incomes paying lower rates than middle-class families.

This special treatment can’t bear close scrutiny — and therefore, as they see it, there must be no close scrutiny. Anyone who points out the obvious, no matter how calmly and moderately, must be demonized and driven from the stage. In fact, the more reasonable and moderate a critic sounds, the more urgently he or she must be demonized, hence the frantic sliming of Elizabeth Warren.

So who’s really being un-American here? Not the protesters, who are simply trying to get their voices heard. No, the real extremists here are America’s oligarchs, who want to suppress any criticism of the sources of their wealth.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why has Dr. King suddenly gone Eurasian?

I cannot help but feel it is grossly insulting and a disgrace that, with Dr. King's singular oratory, still ringing through our national mall and beyond, this planned tribute has, apparently, been high-jacked.  Has Dr. King's statue been literally, "blanched," by the machinations of those who still hate his legacy of peace and unity?

Yes, Dr King did dream of a world where all will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, as do I.  But, we are most definitely NOT there yet!

This poorly executed statue appears to be conveying whiteness on Dr King... perhaps to make him more palatable to white Americans? 

The meaning of this monument seems to be just a continuation of the message that there is something WRONG with black; that blackness is BAD.  There is nothing wrong with Black.  Blackness is good.  Blackness is smart.  Blackness IS American.

Dr King should forever be black; gloriously black, in all of his God made brilliance.  So that generations may understand something of his enormous courage and sacrifices for peace, justice and community between, not just black and white, but all Americans and indeed, all people.

*rainj was not born black-blessed :(

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The only thing that tastes better than chocolate, is JUSTICE!

As a family of lifelong chocoholics and Hershey's lovers, we are shocked and appalled to find Hershey exploiting and abusing their workers.  No matter the, "pain" involved, we will no longer purchase ANY Hersheys products.  None.  And will never again, until Hersheys, finally, produces justice for its workers.

We stand with the hundreds of student guestworkers from around the world, American workers, and labor leaders sitting in at the Hershey's Chocolate Company packing plant in Pennsylvania.

These students paid $3,000-$6,000 each to come to the U.S. this summer for what they thought would be a cultural exchange program. Instead, they found themselves packing chocolates at the Hershey's plant in deeply exploitative conditions.

The student guestworkers aren’t the only ones who have suffered.  If Hershey hadn't chosen to subcontract to have its chocolates packed by exploitable guestworkers, 400 workers in Central Pennsylvania could have had a living wage and union jobs.

We demand that you immediately end the exploitation of student workers at the Hershey's plant, return the money that the student workers paid for a cultural exchange, and make these living wage jobs for Pennsylvania workers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Recovery Job Growth Concentrated In Low-Paying Occupations                   

Of course most of the jobs now being created are for low-paying, service sector jobs.

That's the plan y'all!

The mega-wealt­hy, through their bought minions in congress and state legislatur­es, are controllin­g our economy. They are systematically dumbing-do­wn our kids by squeezing out the funds for quality teachers, while increasing classroom sizes. They are even rewriting history; using our textbooks to present their biased societal beliefs. **See, "How to build a totalitari­an regime, years K through 12."

Look, here's what they really want: To push average American workers into a huge, "service class," with no benefits, no protection­s from employer abuses, little hope and only token, "freedoms.­" They intend to use and abuse our country's resources, both environmen­tal as well as our labor force, for their enrichment­, completely unfettered by rules, regulation­s and societal responsibilities.

That's why they are working to destroy our labor unions, public educationa­l system and environmen­tal protection­s.  Well educated and informed workers just don't fit into their plans for, "robo-workers"; a cheap, compliant and uninformed American labor force.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ten States Running Out Of Smart People

9. Texas

> Population Change (2000-2009): 2,967,222 (14.2%)
> Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 25.5% (30th)
> Population With White Collar Careers: 12.5% (32nd)
> NAEP Math: 18th
> NAEP Reading: 34th

Despite significant improvements in test scores both for math and reading, the portion of Texas’ adult population with at least a high school education has gotten even worse relative to other states than it was ten years ago. In 2000, the state had the seventh-worst rank in this category, it is now only better than Mississippi. The percentage of Texas’ population with a white collar job has decreased more than 3% between 2000 and 2009, the fourth worst performance by any state. Texas also experienced one of the smallest increases in higher education, ranking 45th in bachelor’s degrees and 42nd in advanced degrees.

Read more: The Ten States Running Out Of Smart People - 24/7 Wall St.

Friday, July 15, 2011

R-Fla speaks truth! Alert the media, release the hounds & other pointed ejaculations.

Word is spreading fast - on both sides of the aisle - that cutting aid isn’t a smart fiscal step. Two weeks ago, Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said that, “Aid is a minuscule part of our overall budget” and “is not the reason why we have this growing debt.”

Friday, June 17, 2011

"How to Build a Totalitarian Regime, Years K-Through-12." - rainj

Meet Mike Hucksterbee

Monday, February 7, 2011

American Self-Immolators.

President Obama MUST do WHATEVER he has to, to protect Social Security!  We so need a, "point person," or several persons (NOT the President!) to use the media (a media czar, right!) to get out the TRUE facts on the solvency of Social Security.  Especially to the American, "self-immolators;" i.e. the clueless and deceived working class and older Americans who let themselves be seduced by the GOP’s Nazi style propaganda and incendiary rhetoric into, not only voting against their own best interests, but violently demonstrating against them as well!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jim-Fucking-Crow 2.0

Race-Baiters For Christ!   Corporations For Congress!
One Vote + 0 Counted = Democracy Today.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sorry, Whoopi,

Just because Mel Gibson has been to your house, "with your kids," doesn't mean he's not a racist.  It just means he's granted you the, oh so coveted, "good negro exemption."  Also known by our southern friends as the, "good n----r pass."   Unfortunately, we (and you) are not yet beyond, "race."  Your fame effectively mitigates the issue, to  a degree.  But, as a dissident caucasian and fierce civil rights activist, I must tell you this, "good" designation, is an exceedingly common racist rationalization.- rainj

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reflections on a wounded Samaritan.

"I would rather die in the street, coming to the aid of someone in trouble, than in my comfortable bed, after a lifetime of moral cowardice." - RainJustice!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BP + Republicans = You Pay, We Pay, Everybody Pays... Except BP, Of Course. Yep, The Market Really Does Take Care Of Itself!

Our Republican'ts in Congress, with their pockets and grubby little hands stuffed with, "donations" from BP lobbyists, are attempting to make BP financially RESPONSIBLE FOR ONLY THE  FIRST FIVE DAYS OF THE DISASTER THEY CREATED!
They want the American taxpayers to foot the bill for the rest of this decades-long environmental clean up, and for the local economies they're wiping out.  Yep, the Republican'ts have gotten at least one thing right, "The Market" certainly, "will take care of itself."  How American is that!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Texas Textbooks Change "Slave Trade" To "Atlantic Triangle Trade ." Now, doesn't that just sound much better?

As Our Beloved Texas Goes Deep Fried Dumbass, So Goes The Nation?

How cume my feller Texuns on th bord of educashon, who jus love ta call a, "spade a spade," caint call a slave a slave?  

Indeed.  Texas Is The Second Largest School Textbook Buyer In The Country, Behind California. AND since California's Budget Problems Are Delaying All New Textbook Purchases, As Texas Goes Deep Dumbass, So Goes The Nation :(- rainj

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goldman & Friends Broke The Social Contract That Makes Democracy Possible. Was That Their Ultimate Intention?

Goldman Sachs, along with other huge banks and brokers, by creating toxic mortgage-backed-securities, they knew were unsupportable and betting they would fail, as planned, broke the social contract that makes Democracy possible.

That's the "poison" served by these companies that roiled financial markets and brought the American economy to within a breath of total collapse. And they're STILL selling this same poison.

This unchecked greed must be stopped. The next collapse is already in progress and it may be worse than the last.  RainJustice!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RainJustice rides again!

After too long an absence, RainJustice is fired up, locked and loaded and rarin' to go. Uh, do I hear my mother calling me?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rush, etc, calling Obama a Nazi? How hilarious. Just another, in the LONG series of Republic-Can'ts accusing the Democrats of doing what they are doing. Like, lets see: Sotomayor: racist, Obama: racist, Democrats: fascists, Democrats: anti-senior health programs, anti-workers, anti-business and anti-American. Puh-lease! OK, I said it before, but must need to again: They meant to recreate the WEHRMACHT...In AMERICA. They still do. Make no mistake about it...these are the same fascists (Cheney, Bush, and their mega-wealthy allies), who’ve sabotaged our economy. The economy was not supposed to collapse until after the election, when they had their perfect (perfecter than W) presidential puppet securely in place. But, in their greed and glee, they did their looting too well. The economy tanked before the election, not after, and the American people finally got a look at the men behind the curtain. Guess who? Goering, Speer, Himmler and Hitler, himself. Cheney and these so-called “vulcans” in our corridors of power have been hard at work, as never before. Their goals: To intentionally re-create the economic, military and social unrest of post-world war I Germany, mirroring the vacuum that allowed the Republica… er, Nazi Party to assume absolute control of the country. These fascist-americans, as in Germany, intend use the military to inculcate and control the populace. They do not care about the average american, at all, only those in their "orbit. Unfettered profit-taking, greed and power are their drugs and always, their ultimate goals. That's ALL they care about. They are absolutely, positively following the nazi case study. Now, they've even got their "brownshirts," in Blackwater (now Xe). They've been turning our military into a "religious" SS, for years. (Or, have I got that backwards?) Fifty-plus years of planning and scheming, is all coming together for these; eliteist, imperialistic, anti-democracy, anti-bill of rights, anti-worker, totalitarian-regime-building, American-Freedoms-hating, liars, thieves, and large-scale murderers. Losing the last elections was just a hiccup to them. They've got grand plans for their, "american reich," with the "reich" being salient. And, the "american?" Not so much.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Lynching By Degrees

Reflections on a prize for peace.

Since when is it not okay to be proud of our duly elected president? How can we not feel grateful and hopeful that our president is a man who is bringing hope back, not only to us, but to the larger world?

Hope that our country is returning to its place in the moral leadership of the peace-seeking nations of our planet.

The fact that other nations recognize this transformative moment and americans don’t, is beyond sad, and highlights how truly misguided and uninformed americans have become.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "Republican't" Party sat looking *like whores in church.

When President Obama confronted their lies, manipulation and terrorizing of the elderly, the former, "grand old party" sat *looking like "whores in church."
Gotta love that! 
*apologies for the misogynistic cliché, it was too apropos.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Party of 50s Bigotry, Your Table is Not Ready."

"Birthers ta-day, birthers ta-marra and birthers fo-evah!"
People, this is racism. Don't you recognize the hate? Think back to the 1950s and 60s: The firehoses, the attack dogs, the screaming ugliness and violence: "Segregation ta-day, segregation ta-marra, and segregation fo-evah!" Can you hear it now? Look, I'm even older than Barack and I can't get my original "hospital" birth certificate. Believe me, I've tried. Just a few days ago, I received my niece's "official certified" birth certificate, from Austin...same situation and certificate type as mine, from 50+ years ago. And I assure you, it's the "official" record of her birth, as mine is. The corrupted, "Republican't Party" has been oh, so busy, trying to turn their, so-called,"culture war," into a race war. They have no shame and no REAL patriotism, or they wouldn't be so willing to fan the flames of racism, and risk our Union on race warfare. They are inheritors, if you will, of the old southern legacy of hate. And those who deliberately whip racists into a frenzy, which will soon turn violent, are traitors, no less than spies and domestic terrorists. Oh, wait, they ARE domestic terrorists. And cowards, particularly, those "birthers" in Congress.

People, Wake-up! Again. Wonder why Cheney and Limbaugh are still railing? They're auditioning for Hitler's old job.

Unfortunately, having lost the last election, Dr. Strangelove (Cheney) and Hermann Goering (Limbaugh) are forced to compete for the same position, that of American Reich-Chancellor (Der Fuhrer). However, one of them will have to settle for being Reich-Marshall (Goering). The tubby Mr. Limbaugh is the obvious "fit" for the latter. Since he has no sons, the soulless Mr. Cheney intends to secure the position of "America's Fuhrer" for himself, his ethically-challenged son-in-law or his daughter. Then, to continue his Empire, to his grandchildren. Seriously. - rainj

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom "Tinkerbell" Delay

Tom Delay on "Dancing With the Stars"?
Delay's a star only in his own mind.
Once the little bully WAS the federal "gubmint!"
'Member? Now, he's just a corrupt ex-official and
unrepentant criminal. I always thought that the,
bug man from Sugerland, was a bit light in his loafers.
But... I didn't realize he was a real Tinkerbell.
Tom "Tinkerbell" Delay. What a musical ring.
Right, "Tink"? Flit away Delay.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I am RainJustice.  Rain Justice I am.  Accept no imitators.  rainj
"Jim Crow called, and he wants his 'nigras' back in their place!"  "Nazi" isn't the "n-word" these screechers REALLY want to call Obama. Get real.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To those in OUR Congress who are fighting against healthcare reform:


 *Remember: With the insurance industry, "The Large Print Giveth and the Small Print Taketh Away."  Always.

Shame, shame on you! The American people have made it clear that they want healthcare insurance reform. Our economy cannot truly recover without REAL healthcare reform. Home foreclosures are, most often, caused by medical bills and untreated illnesses, due to the lack of affordable and effective health insurance coverage. Businesses can no longer afford the lost productivity caused by uncovered and "under"covered employees who can't get the health care they and their families need. A "public-option" must be available to compete with the big insurance carriers, and FORCE them to lower consumer costs. That's the ONLY way they will ever REALLY lower costs and increase coverage. *Remember: With the insurance industry, "The Large Print Giveth and the Small Print Taketh Away." Always. ALWAYS. Congress created this stranglehold on ill, injured and hard-working Americans, by selling out to Big Pharma and the medical/insurance lobbyists. Why don't you "public" servants try proving that the insurance lobby doesn't buy your votes with their contributions to your coffers, by voting AGAINST the insurance companies and Big Pharma for a change, a change we can really believe in. Competition, per the, "public option,” is the only viable mechanism to lower consumer costs and force fair and just profits in the medical and insurance markets.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Senator, your white sheet is showing. Re: Sotomayor challenge blows up in Sessions' face.

Oo-whee, that was some puh-roud southern-fried-racism, Senator Sessions. That's the republican party now, isn't it? The changing ethnic makeup of America from lily white to everything but, has got the bigoted, powers that "were," losing their little minds. Right, Mr. Secession? Most caucasian-americans have no idea what the term, "white privilege" means, let alone that they have benefited inestimably from it for their entire lives. We "enlightened" white folk; i.e. culturally sensitives, sometimes seem as rare as republicans at a Michael Moore film. Mr. Secession was just speaking in his "traditional," southern-racist style. I mean, how can there possibly be a race war without whipping up the poor whites in the south? That's the time "honored," racist tradition. Of course, racists and Dick Cheney and his whole, "world domination" clique are desirous of any war. A race war would be the most expedient. That, so they can then use their private military, Blackwater, and the religious zealots and white racists in our military and intelligence apparatus, (who are now practically a scary separate branch!) to seize complete control of our country. As their German role models did. (Abu Ghraib was just practice!) A race war would work SO perfectly for them. Just one more page from their "national socialist"(NAZI) playbook. Pay Attention. They are following it to a T. And, once again, the poor, the working class whites and the southern racists are just another, "pawn in their game." Right, Senator? That's the damn trick that never fails. -rainj

Monday, July 13, 2009

A living wage, if not now when?

“A self-supporting and self-respecting democracy can plead no...economic reason for chiseling workers' wages... Enlightened business is learning that competition ought not to cause bad social consequences, which inevitably react upon the profits of business itself.” -- Franklin Roosevelt, “A Fair Day's Pay for a Fair Day's Work,” 1937.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Man in the Mirror, a Molester. No Wonder He Couldn't Sleep.

Yes, MJ was a musical and entertainment genius. His impact on pop culture cannot be overstated. He was also a HUGE role model for black children. He let them down, as so many of their role models have. It's sad that he didn't take his responsibility to black children to heart, instead of taking them to bed. His early death may mean that some child(ren) will not be molested. I'm thankful for that. -rainj

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CIA Lying? Oh Noooooo!

Another Democrat Says CIA Records On Briefings Were Not Accurate "The CIA is not in the business of misleading Congress"? Hey Panetta, remember Iran Contra, Charlie Wilson's war, and reams of other misleadings of Congress while the CIA hid behind their "covert" status. Get real, the CIA's business IS deception, so of course Congress got cuckolded too. The "final solution" to the Bush "virus" is the truth told in the light of day to the American people.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Republic-in-the-Can(s) renaming Democrats?

The republican fascist party. What's in a name? That which we call a [fascist] by any other name would smell as rotten. Who gave these Republic-in-the-Can(s) naming rights, anyway? What's next, "the country formerly known as America?" Or, how 'bout, "Cheneyland," for the once and future king of the former land of the free? Hmm... Yeah, right. When they pry my freedoms from my cold dead hands! RainJustice

Sunday, May 10, 2009

They meant to recreate the WEHRMACHT...In AMERICA. They still do.

Gop Old Guard Attacking Obama On Sunday shows: Make no mistake about it...these are the same fascists (Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz & their mega- wealthy allies), who’ve been sabotaging our economy. The economy was not supposed to collapse until after the election, when they had their perfect (perfecter than W) presidential puppet securely in place. But, in their greed and glee, they did their looting too well. The economy tanked before the election, not after, and the American people finally got a look at the man behind the curtain. Guess who? Goering, Speer, Himmler and Hitler, himself. Cheney and these so-called “Vulcans” in our corridors of power have been hard at work, as never before. Their goals: To intentionally re-create the economic, military and social unrest of post-world war I Germany, mirroring the vacuum that allowed the Republica… er, Nazi Party to assume absolute control of the country. These fascist-americans, as in Germany, intend use the military to inculcate and control the populace. -rainj


Evangelical Cancer in U.S. Military" The Pentagon has apparently, secretly “fallen” to a christian evangelical group, the so called, “christian embassy”. This group is actually treated as a “quasi-federal entity”(!) Its stated mission is to convert colonels and generals so they can mold cadets in "faithfulness" to their “evangelical” uses. Thereby taking ultimate control of our military. To what end do they aspire? What do you think they want with our military? Can you say, Ayatollah America? This is not new. This has actually been going on for a long time. There is really an evangelical cancer in the military, says Reza Aslan. “There is a deliberate attempt by a group of evangelicals in the higher- echelons, to create what they call “military missionaries." Due to proselytizing and constant evangelizing, "the Air Force Academy is now, practically a seminary"! *If this doesn't scare you & enrage you, you must be blind from your nose outward & dead from your eyebrows up. rainj

"Secession" is the talk of a traitor. Not a governor.

The Great Hair Head in Austin's pandering to the right-wing of the Republic-in-the-Can Party has finally gone over the cliff. Listen, I'm as proud & blessed to be a native daughter of Texas, as anyone. But, our AMERICAN DEMOCRACY is my blood and bone. The fire of the pilgrims and patriots still pulses through the heart of my family. We're the ones who serve. We're the ones who've always served. And I tell you that the Republic-in-the-Can(s) have sold their loyalty, honor and our legacy of freedoms, for the coin of the realm... Kings, you know. -RainJ

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perfect bio-energy? Mixed Prairie Grasses.

The perfect bioenergy is “cellulosicbiofuels that can be made from non-food sources of biomass such as grasses and agricultural waste. These could, if developed properly, take a big bite out our carbon footprint from the fuels sector. Mixed prairie grasses are, so far, the optimum cellulosic energy source and can actually recover and restore soil that has been overused and depleted of nutrients!

Corn is Wrong.

Rushing to Expand Corn Ethanol is Not Smart Bioenergy. The use of gasoline alternatives, such as ethanol, could play a key role in reducing pollution from fuels, but scientific findings show that biofuels can also increase pollution when done wrong. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing a comprehensive plan to move toward biofuels with reduced global warming emissions while protecting air quality.

Tell EPA "cellulosic" biofuels are best.

The EPA opened a public comment period on this issue through May 16. Please tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to deny the corn producers’ premature request and focus on a comprehensive plan that protects public health while ensuring biofuels contribute to fueling our clean energy future. Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference! RainJustice

I posted this on 9/18/08. Sadly, it is so apropos, it's almost prophetic/pathetic. Rain some Justice, people. If ever... now!

See the cat? See the cradle? Sick and tired of the mouths of these simpering "tv heads" cannibalizing Our Democracy and spitting out their crap? It is so past time to Rain Justice about the heads of these anti-Democracy, new-age robber barons (think: 1929), who are gleefully raiding our National Treasury and “working” (right!) to send Real Working Americans back into serfdom! (think: no rights, no safety, no health care, never a living wage and little hope.). These are the "happy days" dreamt of by these money-mongering megalomaniacs and the blind working Americans who insanely support them! Wake up; they are S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G Our Democracy! You are sleepwalking through your own demise. Posted by RainJ

Saturday, March 14, 2009


As long as children have no health care, more children will die unnecessarily before reaching age 18. That, in the USA, is unacceptable and immoral. And christians must provide for "the least of these", isn't that right? Double check with Jesus Christ, won't you? Healthcare reform now. rainj

Friday, November 7, 2008

For the first time in nearly 8 years, I am exceedingly proud to be an American. Justice... Justice! I thought I would never live to see this day. RainJ

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good morning America. Wake up and smell the JUSTICE!

Thanks to you, my fellow patriots, America is FINALLY waking up and beginning to live up to it's creed that ALL men (and women) are created equal. It's a great day for our Democracy, our People and the World. Now JUSTICE can begin to "roll like a mighty stream." As my hero and role-model, Dr. King declared: "THIS will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring." And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado! Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California! But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia! Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee! Let freedom ring from every hill and every molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring."- Dr Martin Luther King.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain turns to race-baiting.

McCain turns to race-baiting. John McCain, just as Geo Wallace did after losing an election to an avowed racist, apparently, decided to never be "out-niggered" again (Wallace's actual words)! McCain is a tad more subtle, preferring racist "keywords"or know, "same shit, different asshole." Right? Right...later RainJ.
First Hint

“I had to quit my job over that tornado.” Obie resolutely told me in 1981, sitting at a long table in the employee break room. A room that, unnoticed by me, was now going gradually silent.

“That tornado,” being the monstrous F4 funnel that struck Wichita Falls, Texas in 1979, killing 42 people, causing over 1,700 injuries, destroying over 3,000 homes and leaving 20,000 homeless.

With my tactfulness, perhaps, needing a little tweaking, there in my first day as a newbie to the brand new operating unit for the, “phone company” (and new resident of Wichita Falls). I asked, “You had to quit your job over the tornado? How’d that happen? Did it hit where you worked?” (I usually asked three to four questions at a time, back then.) Obie, slowly shaking his head, responded, "No... It didn’t. I... guess that might’ve been some part of the problem.”

“Part of the problem…?” I was stumped. Until Obie, who was black, told me that since the tornado had missed the, " black part of town," instead wreaking havoc on the most affluent (and white) areas, that the, "white folks" said the, “black folks” (see nig**r) had brought it… BROUGHT the Tornado ON the White People!"

Picking up my chin, I nervously giggled, “Oh man, that’s crazy!" Obie, his voice hollow as if from some deep well, solemnly answered, “Yeah, but the white workers on my job harassed me so much over it, every day, that I finally had to quit that job.”

I was completely shocked and spouted, incredulously, “I can’t believe that. That is just nuts!”

Seeing a warning in Obie's face, I then began to glance around and noticed that, unlike me, all the other, “white folks” sitting at that long table seemed to be swelling up like toads.

Startled by the sudden whip of negative energy, I instinctively acted to snag that energy and deflate those fat toads:

With an exaggerated conspiratorial tone, combined with a, “pre-Palin” wink, I turned to Obie, saying, Soto Voce, “Well, you know Obie, I DID see a picture of it and… it WAS black.” Obie’s eyes went wide, he sucked in his breath and then, as I cackled, he joined in, looking terribly relieved and surprised by my attitude, or lack thereof.

But...we laughed alone.
None of the toads croaked in.
First hint of things to come.