Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women’s Healthcare And Birth Control Services Are Under GOP Attack! (Again.)

Yoko said it most righteously: "Woman is the nigger of the world." 

With the ENORMOUS problems facing our country, the GOP is busily wasting OUR time and money, by obsessing on controlling women’s reproductive tracts!

Controlling women's bodies has always been the Great Construct of men.  These proposed, "new" laws are just a modern continuation of, "droit de seigneur;" the, "right" of Lords to deflower the brides of his vassals.

“Conservatives” and GOP Congressmen surely enjoy their right to Viagra, Cialis and the many drugs, procedures and, “implements” created and marketed to promote a man's erection. Basically, his right to impregnate at will.  As have the many men who've spent BILLIONS on researching and creating these products to protect a man's, "erection" rights." And most of these, "products" are covered by insurance, even by Medicare! Yet, women have had to accept that these same insurers refuse to cover birth control; Thereby, in essence, forcing women to breed against their will.

Meanwhile, these obsessed members of Congress are determined to eliminate the one resource available for free, and cost-effective women’s reproductive healthcare: Planned Parenthood. Focusing on fetuses and abortion, instead of women and their right to reproductive healthcare is just misogyny run amok.

The same good people attacking women's rights to their own bodies are the very ones determined to deny healthcare to their children, once delivered!

These same good folks also want to deny the right to a quality education, afterschool programs and healthy foods to the children of hard-pressed parents living on the razor’s edge of poverty.

These same good citizens need to understand that the ONLY, "cure" for ALL abortions is AFFORDABLE and AVAILABLE BIRTH CONTROL, including the, "morning-after pill."

"Does a fetus have any legal protection?"  It has the legal protection provided by the womb and the legal rights of its mother.  Personally, I loathe, "late-term" abortions, but I know that sometimes, they are the right and heartbreaking decision for the health of the mother. These decisions should be between the women’s doctors and themselves, period!

The Pope is not our king.  When are we women going to DEMAND full coverage for women’s reproductive health care, including birth control; on par, at least, with some of the obscene amounts spent towards providing for a man’s erection rights and his, “right” to impregnate at will, too often without consequence or responsibility?
First Hint

“I had to quit my job over that tornado.” Obie resolutely told me in 1981, sitting at a long table in the employee break room. A room that, unnoticed by me, was now going gradually silent.

“That tornado,” being the monstrous F4 funnel that struck Wichita Falls, Texas in 1979, killing 42 people, causing over 1,700 injuries, destroying over 3,000 homes and leaving 20,000 homeless.

With my tactfulness, perhaps, needing a little tweaking, there in my first day as a newbie to the brand new operating unit for the, “phone company” (and new resident of Wichita Falls). I asked, “You had to quit your job over the tornado? How’d that happen? Did it hit where you worked?” (I usually asked three to four questions at a time, back then.) Obie, slowly shaking his head, responded, "No... It didn’t. I... guess that might’ve been some part of the problem.”

“Part of the problem…?” I was stumped. Until Obie, who was black, told me that since the tornado had missed the, " black part of town," instead wreaking havoc on the most affluent (and white) areas, that the, "white folks" said the, “black folks” (see nig**r) had brought it… BROUGHT the Tornado ON the White People!"

Picking up my chin, I nervously giggled, “Oh man, that’s crazy!" Obie, his voice hollow as if from some deep well, solemnly answered, “Yeah, but the white workers on my job harassed me so much over it, every day, that I finally had to quit that job.”

I was completely shocked and spouted, incredulously, “I can’t believe that. That is just nuts!”

Seeing a warning in Obie's face, I then began to glance around and noticed that, unlike me, all the other, “white folks” sitting at that long table seemed to be swelling up like toads.

Startled by the sudden whip of negative energy, I instinctively acted to snag that energy and deflate those fat toads:

With an exaggerated conspiratorial tone, combined with a, “pre-Palin” wink, I turned to Obie, saying, Soto Voce, “Well, you know Obie, I DID see a picture of it and… it WAS black.” Obie’s eyes went wide, he sucked in his breath and then, as I cackled, he joined in, looking terribly relieved and surprised by my attitude, or lack thereof.

But...we laughed alone.
None of the toads croaked in.
First hint of things to come.